The Making of a Dish; From Creativity to Consistency

  By Kristin Gennuso, Chez Pascal I was sitting at the edge of the beach; my toes were finding a warm haven in the sand, the briny air was playing an aromatic symphony in my nose. Suddenly, the sea rolled up, and with it came the most glorious epiphany! Scallops and rosemary and countless other […]

Schlep of a Salesman

There’s an Arthur Miller quote that goes “Glamour, that trans-human aura or power to attract imitation, is a kind of vessel into which dreams are poured, and some vessels are simply worthier than others.” To the wine and spirits rep, that vessel is often a 750ml bottle; many have been wooed by the idealized history […]

The Meat of the Matter: Talking Chefs Collaborative

Rhode Palate talked with Rob Booz of Chefs Collaborative & Derek Wagner from nicks on broadway (also co-leader of the Chefs Collaborative RI Network) about the role of farmers, chefs & Chefs Collaborative in the farm-to-fork movement, the challenges they face, and what can be done to make local & sustainable food as affordable and […]

Chez Pascal Brings us the Wurst News Ever

  The ever changing exterior  A Q&A with Kristin Gennuso of Chez Pascal Recently, Rhode Palate chatted with Kristin Gennuso of Chez Pascal about the changes that are happening at the restaurant. We heard through the grapevine that a walk-up sausage/wiener/wurst window will soon (as in this spring) be gracing their elegant façade. This is […]

Hello Parkside, Our Old Friend

Late last June a fire at the Parkside Rotisserie & Bar left a hole on South Main St. But fear not, the establishment is set to reopen Monday, November 14th, with all new state of the art Rotisserie, cooking equipment & executive chef.  But if you’re worried that the Parkside you’ve known & loved will […]

The Chefs Collaborative Picnic: Eating the Good Life

  We drove up to a windswept field, pumpkin toting folks in the bright sunshine, alpacas gazing into our eyes and bleating like crying babies. It was the stereotypical gorgeous autumn day, and we would have been content to spend an hour or so in that gauzy, orange glow of an afternoon.  But where was […]

Preserving History through Food & Wine

photos by Bre Power Eaton I paused in the awe-evoking entryway of the Marble House, concocting my plan of attack before walking into the Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival Grand Tasting tent. “We’d like two tickets for the tasting,” a man said to the ticket attendant next to me. “That’ll be $220, please.” The […]

We picked a peck of pickled eggs…

    …from Cranston. The challenge: Pairing these pickled eggs. It can be done. It will be done. Vodka seems the obvious choice, but maybe some icy cold fino sherry? Perhaps a Pilsner? A tangy, cool climate white? A red like a Bardolino? We shall explore, and we may have the headaches to prove it. […]

Judge Us, You Will? Ugly Americans in Training

   So now that we’ve given a little shout out to UgLy AMeRiCaN, we thought we oughta try it. We worked up a post-Irene appetite and headed down to Fox Point to see just how ugly it gets. Owner Gary is really quite a nice guy (but perhaps he doesn’t want everyone to know that).  […]

Just when you think you can’t stand one more ugly American

They’re in our fabled halls, on our television sets, in ill-fitting pants that yell “Juicy” at us. Ugly Americans are everywhere. And now Providence is about to welcome one to Fox Point. Thankfully, this one spares us the gum smacking, fried-twinkie* eating shenanigans and serves up some good old-fashioned burgers and fries. Owner Gary Janczynski […]