How it all started… .Rhode Palate is the offspring of Providence Palate, which was created by Seth Price and Rich Lang back in 2008. We tried to scrape off the tastiest bits of Providence Palate, add a dash of acid, and reduce it all to one pure, smooth, glistening-yeah, nevermind, there will be some lumps in there, no one said we were perfect.


Andrea Andrea Sloan, Editor  Andrea has been enjoying other people’s cooking for many years. Often relegated to chopping and clean-up, she nevertheless excels at the one-pot meal and is a tireless reader of culinary books and magazines. Her talent lies in the enthusiastic appreciation (known as eating) of the craft, if not the actual execution. However, as a member of the wine industry, she’s more than happy to recommend a delightful beverage to drink with your meal.Here’s a link to the Rhode Palate mission statement of sorts:
/2011/01/21/raison-detre-mission-statement-call-it-what-you-will/Contact: andrea@rhodepalate.com 


Rich Rich Lang  Rich has written about food, architecture and travel for various national magazines. He is passionate about eating and drinking in Rhode Island.Contact: rich@rhodepalate.com
Tori Tori Drew  Ten years in the music industry. Four years in politics. Five years in innovation. And one thing has stayed consistent – love of a good meal with good friends.Contact: tori@rhodepalate.com
Melissa Melissa Withers  If food and drink had to fight for Melissa’s attention, it’s hard to say which would win. Lucky for her, she has time for both. She jumped on the food writing bandwagon about 10 years ago, when she discovered that all food didn’t have to come wrapped in foil and wine didn’t have to come in bulk. She lives in Providence, where good eating and good drinking are easy. Aside from her interest in the kitchen (and the bar), working with words is about all she’s ever done. She’s currently the communications director for Providence Mayor Angel Taveras. Prior, she was executive director of the Business Innovation Factory. She also served as director of communications for the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation and–looking way back now– was the Assistant Director of Communication and Public Affairs for the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She believes in political rabblerousing and likes to mess around with new things. She has a kid and a big yellow dog-and she’s not afraid to make a wine spritzer.Contact: melissa@rhodepalate.com


John John West  John is a web developer and food lover who moved to Providence with his wife in 2003. They live on the West Side where they have been continually restoring their Victorian era house. When not enthusiastically appreciating good food and drink, John enjoys watching movies, motorcycle riding, collecting flat pennies, and skiing. Originally from Kentucky, John can discuss bourbon with a certain degree of confidence yet has no discernible accent.Contact: john@rhodepalate.com
Jeremy Jeremy Withers  Jeremy is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, stuffed into a tortilla and deep fried. Full of contradictions, he claims to enjoy fine dining, yet feels equally at home with a buffalo chicken pizza. Consistently drawn to fancy beer, he somehow remains a cheap date.Contact: jeremy@rhodepalate.com