Chez Pascal Brings us the Wurst News Ever Rhode Palate November 28th, 2011


The ever changing exterior 

A Q&A with Kristin Gennuso of Chez Pascal

Recently, Rhode Palate chatted with Kristin Gennuso of Chez Pascal about the changes that are happening at the restaurant. We heard through the grapevine that a walk-up sausage/wiener/wurst window will soon (as in this spring) be gracing their elegant façade. This is the best wurst news ever! Of course, we needed to know more…

So Kristin, you guys have been doing the hot dog cart and the truck for quite a while, and now it looks like you’re putting a take-out window at the front of your restaurant? What’s going on?

The whole thing all came together in a flash, quite literally. Back in June a car hit the right side of our building, no one hurt thankfully, but when that happened the wheels (not the ones immersed in the façade) starting turning. We needed to fix the front, it was time to do something new, so what better way to capitalize on a dent than by making it bigger!

Have you always had this wurst window idea in mind?

We have wanted to do something with that side of the dining room for a long time. Matt has also wanted to do more with the house-made sausages that we have on the truck. Two originally very separate ideas somehow found their way morphing into one solution. Sometimes that little spark is all you need, and then the concept just flows.

Explain the concept. Will there be seating inside and out? What will be on the menu?

The concept is still in the development stage and is subject to change at a moments notice. At present, the idea is that the window will be open during the day as a replacement for our hot dog cart. It will be a ‘walk up window’ where you can order a hot dog and whatever the sausage or sandwich special of the day would be.

Seating is outside, and because of our outdoor license that we will get, one will be able to enjoy a hot dog with a beer or glass of wine, or martini if you like! Then… phase II…inside we are brainstorming about putting in a very small open kitchen in the front, on the other side of the wall from the bar. It will be simple, the main purpose of which is to cook the sausages. Top it all off with a small 4 or 5 seat bar/counter. Now if you can picture this, the side dining room where the High Top tables are will remain High Top. With the addition of the small kitchen and bar, this section will be able to enjoy the sausage menu and the regular Chez Pascal menu (the same situation will apply for the folks at the regular bar). The rest of the dining room will remain Chez Pascal menu only. At night, in nice weather, you will be able to use the walk up window too, but for the sausage menu only. Again…it’s a work in progress.

 The sausages will be the same sausages that we serve on the truck, but when eating in the restaurant (at night for instance) the sausages will be plated, not in a bun. The Chez Pascal influence will be running throughout.

Will the window be open year round? Any idea what the hours will be? 

Excellent question. Not sure just yet, to be continued.

What should one drink with ones wurst?

Ah, rosé definitely when available. I would lean more towards clean, crisp whites if you are inclined to drink wine, cider a must, and beer indeed.

What are some name suggestions you’ve thought of/received so far? Any real bad ones? Not that we’re going to try to out-do them or anything...

We are still looking so if anyone has an idea please feel free. Let’s see these are some that we have heard so far, not sure what the worst is… sausage bar, wurst bar/window, wiener bar (window), boudin bar, and quite simply: the other room.

Might there be an occasion for lederhosen?

Lederhosen is definitely underutilized. Any occasion that one sees fit to wear it, one should seize that opportunity.

Thanks Kristin! We’ll stay tuned for more wurst news! And we’ll try to think of some names that are fit to print. A challenge, indeed!

Chez Pascal
960 Hope St.
Providence, RI 02906
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